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My Free image processing software that create Photo Mosaics

1000 Free Wallpaper Photo
Only here, in all the world, you will find wallaper images made with a photographic mosaic of over 1000 photographs! Enjoy on your desktop everyday the beauty & quality of these unique pictures.

Total Solar Eclipse 1999
The last millenium eclipse of the sun: In just a moment the sky will get completely dark. There is so much light as it was full moon, with the difference that the sky still remain with a beautiful dark blue color ...

Andrea and his life
It seems that the mankind life-style is how to solve our daily problems, but these problems will never have an end, so can we be happy one day in our future? I'm a very simple person, with a pure heart and a deep life. 

Andrea's Forum
Do you want send me a message? Do you need any help? Do you want to ask or answer important questions about your life? Do you want to give me any suggestions or comments? Then visit Andrea's Forum!

A simple open source program for network administrators.

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