Who is Andrea?
I'm a very simple person, with a pure heart, a deep life and a mad  mind. I am nothing and I love the void in myself.
I live in a lovely room wich is in chaos, like my long hair playing with the wind. It probably shows me every time my love for freedom in life. Yes, I don't need rules, we don't need rules, because we already know what is good and what is bad, for ourself and for everyone else. For this reason I don't believe in any particular organization, but I love all the great masters and all the people who love (to live) a deep inner life. And, I enjoy every single opportunity to meet them, and to share with them all the beauty of this world.

A recent picture of Andrea
A recent picture of myself (click over for a full view)


Andrea feeding a goat with beer
At age 15 (goats loves beer)

Time ago I discovered that I'm happy when I can talk to people, when I see good energy in the relationship, and I discover that friendship is very important. You can love your girlfriend/boyfriend but you can also really love a friend. But I like to say you that everyone has to be free. So when a friend will help me, when I'm in trouble, then he makes me happy, but if he doesn't help me, then it is also ok. I don't believe that a real friend "must" help you when you are in trouble. I will love him anyway, and I'm always happy to help people.


Another aspect of life is work, I like my job as a software developer, and I have a very good knowledge in computer programming languages. I do a very good work (need you some programs?), but I cannot live for the job. Too many people in the world is living just for the job, having only about 1 month at year for all the rest of their life. I'm a freelance worker, doing my job at home if possible, although I would probably earn more money in a career job. But I need the time to discover the world, to travel, the feel the sun and the nature. I need the freedom to say "today I don't work or today I will work all night, or I need to travel for 2 months". So, Yes, I need freedom also in my job.

andrea_collana2.jpg (14403 byte)
with my preferred object, a necklace from India.


some of our hourses
Some of our horses at my home (click over for full view)

I discovered that whenever I don't work (most of the time :-) ), all what I do has no real reason. You are reading this text, you are looking this site, because it was "beautiful" for me to make it. I have no real interest in things, I'm like the void. When I make a travel, when I visit a friend, I never know why I do it. It is just beautiful for me. So there is no "reason" for life, there is just an eternity of infinite moments, sometimes happy, sometimes unhappy. But in any case every moment is beautiful, is special, is life, even when it is an unhappy one.


There is another important thing I have to say. Like the fruit that contains all the characteristics of the tree, in every man the good and bad aspects are merged together. I cannot be good if I'm not bad, even only potentially, and if I try to separate good from bad, or if I love the good and hate the bad side then I will generate only sufferance inside me or in the relationship with other people. When I'm looking at you I see the full man or woman, all the good and all the bad aspect's of You, and I love them both, and I accept you whoever and whatever you are, because if I didn't I would not accept and not love myself. Feel always free to talk me in any form.

I love ice-cream
I love Ice-cream's (click over for a full view)


Andrea smiling
I know that my inner life is crazy
and is in another world.

You can contact me in several ways and you will make me happy if you do:

Email: andrea(at)AndreaPlanet(dot)com

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My Laws of Life
1. Potentially we are "all" the Universe. This means that anything you do out of yourself will happen also in yourself. So if you don't accept somebody in the world, then you don't accept some part of yourself. If you hate someone in the world then you hate some part of yourself. Only if you love everything you will be able to fully love yourself.

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FioreBiancoSole.jpg (3980 byte)

2. This means that you are everything, good and bad tied together. Don't hide the bad side of yourself, it is part of you. Love yourself, even the good and the bad things, at last there is nothing really bad, it is all part of life. Just be always true to yourself, find out who you are.
3. This means that we are all equal, we we have the same root, but with different expression. Every living thing is equally important for you, because we are all merged together in the one big universe. I'm like you, but with a different body, a different mind, etc, but I'm you, I'm a living person exactly like you are. We two are really near each other, and the truth is always true, even if we ignore it.

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My Voice
Whenever you are singing without any reason, just for joy, then you are happy, in peace with yourself. Especially when I'm singing simple and not some famous music then the sound and the words are all invented on the moment, directly from my heart, and I enjoy it if you want to hear something from my heart. Just choose one song to download. It is only a simple voice.
Note: to minimize downloading time these files are compressed in MP3 format with low quality, just enough to hear my voice. If you are not sure if you have an 'MP3 Player' installed on your computer then just download the file and double click on it. If you don't hear the sound then you maybe need an MP3 Player.
The simplest solution is to download CoolPlayer (a simple program file 256 Kb). But I suggest you also WinAmp (file size 500 Kbytes, easy to install) or CoolPlayer in a zip file (only 100 Kbytes). If you have some problems feel free to contact me.

This song is dedicated to the Trees.

Click on the Tree to dowload the file (size 220 Kb)

In this long song, about 5 minutes,
I'm telling a story without saying anything.

Click Here to download the file (size 600 Kb)


This is a very short piece of music played with a piano and dedidacted to the Water. I'm not the author but I feel this music is part of myself.
Click Here to download the file (size 75 Kb)

In this short song I want that you feel good.
Just listen it more times to enjoy.

Click Here to download the file (size 120 Kb)

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My Works
after reading who I am, probably you think that I'm doing nothing all the day, this is correct, but sometimes I materialise somewhat artistic and creative. Of course only because it is beautiful to do it, and I like to share it with you, any comments are lovely accepted, the good ones and also the bad ones.

Dolphin Mosaic
This is a computer made photography, I wrote the program.
(click over to get a full view)