Total Solar Eclipse 1999, Salzburg - Austria

The last millenium eclipse of the sun: big photographs and my personal experience!

Moonlake (Mondsee)

Moonlake (Mondsee) near Salzburg, in Austria. It was a very good place to see the eclipse, on 11 August 1999.

Moonlake (Mondsee)

I was very lucky because for only 2 hours the sky over the lake was not much cloudy, and in the 2 minutes and 10 seconds of total eclipse there was no clouds at all!. Just few miles around from the lake it was cloudy and raining all the time. (Note: Click on any picture to get a full screen view).

Beginning of eclipse

The beginning of the eclipse. The pictures was taken with a strong filter in order to not damage the camera.

Beginning of the eclipse
near to the 100% of sun coverage

Now we are nearly at 100% of sun coverage. Even in such condition there is still very much light.

near to the 100% of sun coverage
I made these two pictures without any filter because I was also able to look the sun without any filter. In fact there is not much difference between an 5%, 80% or 99% coverage of the Sun. You still get the Sun rays. It is just like a sun covered with some dark clouds.
Total Solar Eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse!
In just a moment the sky will get completely dark. There is so much light as it was full moon, with the difference that the sky still remain with a beautiful dark blue color. As you can see in the picture, the moon is black, and you can finally watch the solar corona.
In these little more than 2 minutes of total eclipse you get very particular feelings. It is like to be in space, or on another planet. You are living in a science fiction movie, with the difference that what you are seeing is real!
(Click on the picture to get a full screen view)

I did not expected and imagine such a particular event! It was the most beautiful natural event I ever saw in my life. Even at 99.9% of sun coverage, you just notice that temperature is dropping a little and it is somewhat darker, but at 100% you are transported into a magical world. It took 1400 miles of car driving in order to see the eclipse, but I am ready to make 14.000 miles to see this event again in my life.

Total Solar Eclipse
Total Solar Eclipse: a unique event in human life!

The sun light is back!

The light is back, the sun is born again like a baby that comes into world!

The sun light is back!
You can watch everyday the sun raising in the morning but only under a total eclipse, that what normally will take 1 hour happen in only 1 second!

A simple animation of the eclipse!

I suggest you to download the very little Flash Player to see the picture.


TotalityPath.gif (14996 byte) As you can see Moonlake (Salzburg) lies in the path of totality. At right you can see a picture of myself! Andrea, author of all the pictures!

The light is back,
The magic is over,
but I will never forget
these 2 minutes of my life,
and I am already thinking
on the next eclipse,
in 2001.

When will be the next total eclipses?
21 June 2001: South Africa & Madagascar
4 December 2002: Africa, Antarctica, Indonesia, Australia
23 November 2003: Antartica
29 March 2006: Africa, Europe, Asia
01 August 2008: N. America, Europe, Asia
22 July 2009: Asia, Pacific Ocean, Hawaii
11 July 2010: S. America
Other Eclipses

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