Basic Tutorial
In the following pages you can have a preview of the User Manual included with the program:

Lesson Description
Before using the program you should read this short guide.
Learn all about the options of the program.
How to create a collection of tiles from your preferred movie or your personal holiday video.
How to create photographic mosaics made with Black & White tiles or with a Black & White look.
In my opinion the most beautiful photographic mosaics are made with few hundred tiles only.


Advanced Artworks
In the following links you can find useful tips and reviews from professional people around the world. Please contact me via email to add your review/tutorial to this list:

Link Description
How-To: Make your own photo mosaics (also with Mac).
Create special Photographic Mosaics using Adobe After Effects (also with Mac).
NEW! Create irregular Photographic Mosaics using the experimental MaskFile feature.

Peace & Love.

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