Number of Copies vs. Frame Distance
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Author:  mark [ Sat Dec 01, 2012 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  Number of Copies vs. Frame Distance

Dear Andrea

first let me say that i really like your program! Easy to use, fast and efficient! Great work:-)

However, i just encountered an annoying problem: I want to extract tiles from videos, but i want to use only a small fraction of all frames. In the options window, it is possible to set the "distance between single frames" to, say, 2 or 10, which is exactly what i want. However, if i use this option, it automatically set the "number of duplicates" for all tiles to "no copies" (in the main window), and it is not possible to change this any more.

Do you have any suggestion how i can resolve this problem? I want to have, say, 20 frames from each 1-minute video (to make the images really different), and i want to allow multiple copies for both photos and videos.

I would appreciate a fast reply, since i want to produce the mosaic until Xmas.


PS: Since i have hundreds of videos, extracting all frames manually is not really an option.

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