Andrea Mosaic detected as malware ??????????
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Author:  Sc0oByDo0 [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 4:26 am ]
Post subject:  Andrea Mosaic detected as malware ??????????

k i downloaded andrea mosaic from the site was looking forward to it installed it mcafee enterprise edition detected it as malware I have the latest deffinitions I update every otherday so I tried it on another of my pc's which has norton enterprise on it same thing so I uninstalled it and deleted it I am still getting messages from my virus protection that its found a malware virus AndreaMosaic.exe Just wondering if its conflicting with my virus protection or if it is a trojan. Was curious if anyone else is having this issue. I was looking forward to using this software because I am currently having to use Vegas Video and save frame by frame manually and the video Has 7351 frames and im only on frame 300
I have made a very nice movie dna using Cinema Redux utilizing a program called process
but would like to have a nice mosaic as well and a much faster way of taking frames from video's faster for the mosaic since im still learning the software process

Author:  Andrea [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 8:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Andrea Mosaic detected as malware ??????????

Hi Scoobydoo,

no, there is no virus, troyan or other bad code inside AndreaMosaic.
there is also no conflict with antivirus software or other kind of software.

it is a false positive warning from antivirus software. Some antivirus software say's there is a possible virus inside, but it is a wrong message.

I suggest you the use of a personal firewall, they reconize if any of your software tries to access internet. AM never access to internet or run any software. One exception is try HELP button that open the user manual (a PDF file) and in the About Box if you click on one of the web links it will open Internet Explorer with that URL.

But I rebuilded the program, try to download the latest beta release at ... rsion=beta
maybe there is no longer the virus message.

I suggest you the Video Extracting function inside AM, it's very useful for mosaics!


Author:  Sc0oByDo0 [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:02 am ]
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thank you very much I apriciate it. I will give it a try again :)

Author:  Andrea [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 9:13 am ]
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Let me know if you still have problems.

Author:  Sc0oByDo0 [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:04 pm ]
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nope I noticed with the link you provided me and since it didnt ask me to install I dont get the message saying its a malware trojan program works great now If only I can create a movie DNA with the images on this program since the program Process requires *.mov files and process requires alot of scripting. Other than that I love the program it has alot more features and options then Centarsia great job andrea you have another fan :D

Author:  Andrea [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:14 pm ]
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I did not understand well your last problem about DNA and mov files. Please can you explain me?

Author:  Sc0oByDo0 [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:21 pm ]
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ok movie DNA files takes say like an *.mov file takes every frame out and puts it in order like so

these are movie dna's they really are cool cause it shows the whole movie in just 1 poster from left to right you use a program called process but it requires some scripting and will only play sorenson 1 format and requires the video to play on quicktime

but I bet if you were to make a program that strips the mpg or say avi file and puts it in order the way process does alot of people that wants to make these wouldnt be so confused with having to script just to make one of these posters also Im sure you would get some good donations doing this not to mention g4 tv also uses process and might be some publicity for your wonderful software

Author:  Andrea [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 4:02 pm ]
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Ahh, this is a funny idea, a poster with the frames of the movie in sequence.

Actually with AndreaMosaic you can extract like 20.000 frames from a movie and then make a mosaic of it, and with duplicated count set to zero, you would have all different frames.

Many years ago I made some mosaics of it, I never put on the web because of copyright reasons. But the result is really nice. Like with the Truman Show Poster, you ever saw it?

So you are thinking on a functionality in AM that make a poster with the frames extracted sequentially. A simple version would not be difficult to include. But I suppose the actual script have several options.

Author:  Sc0oByDo0 [ Sun Jul 31, 2005 5:00 pm ]
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yep although have the script intergrated so the user doesnt have to worry about editing the wrong values in the script all they would have to do is enter in how big & how wide they want each image to be and how long the movie is. Yes kind of like the truman show poster. As far as copyright issues go the software process is still in beta form so I highly doubt that would be an issue, Since your calculations and the way you would make it would be entirely different then the software process. Also concidering you have to actually type in the entire script this is what one of the scripts looks like which can be very confusing for someone who doesnt know what they are doing. If you really wanted to you or was worried about copyright issues you could even include the options with Mosaic. Its kind of a hassle if you dont enter in the right values you have to fine tune it with process each time, just so it doesnt skip a frame show a black box then show another frame. Sometimes the movie shows up with maybe like 25 frames from a movie out of 300 and the rest are black boxes so its kind of annoying having to deal with that. They dont provide information on entering the right values but andreaMosaic tells you what it recomends for the best results which is nice and ideal. also since process uses only quicktime movies and java It would be awsome since andreaMosaic can take every single frame from a avi and convert it to an image its not easy finding software that could do that but if it had options to either use images or a video file that would bring it to awhole new level which my personal opinion would be far better then process that would give people the opertunity to not only create movie dna posters but also pictures of family's and such growing up starting with baby pictures to grad day would be more family friendly btw you wouldnt have been anonymous with the post Omg at that website :P

Movie myMovie;
int xpos = 0;
int ypos = 0;
int VWIDTH = 11; // width of capture
int VHEIGHT = 6; // height of capture
int MOVIEWIDTH = VWIDTH * 60; // width is equivalent to 1 minute of film time

void setup() {
myMovie = new Movie(this, ""); //change to the filename of your Quicktime movie
MOVIEDURATION = (myMovie.duration()); // gets the duration of the movie in seconds
MOVIEHEIGHT = VHEIGHT * int(MOVIEDURATION / 60) + VHEIGHT; // height of the stage is based on the length of your film
// note that the last frame of the film will repeat until it reaches the end of the current line
background(0); // sets the background of the stage to black
framerate(1); // forces the video to play at one frame per second;

void draw() {
if(myMovie.available()) { // checks to see if the next frame is ready for processing;
image(myMovie, xpos, ypos, VWIDTH, VHEIGHT);
xpos += VWIDTH;
if (xpos > MAXWIDTH) {
xpos = 0;
ypos += VHEIGHT;
if(ypos > MOVIEHEIGHT) {
save("my_movie_dna.tif"); // saves a tiff image to the folder of the current sketch when the end of the movie is reached
delay(2000); // pauses two seconds to save the file
noLoop(); // exits the draw loop so that the process ends
delay(100); // waits one tenth of a second before repeating the draw function

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