FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Here you find the answers to some common questions:

  • Why is AndreaMosaic free?
    I believe that everything should be free and everyone should choose and enjoy a job as a volunteer. With the help of current technology we can produce enough food and tools for everyone, letting people live a simple life while taking care of the environment. Today we do not live in a utopia, but we must start somewhere and I would like to start with this small example.

  • Why do you ask end-users to give credit to AndreaMosaic?
    It costs you nothing to help AndreaMosaic in this way and it is necessary to acquire a wider user base for the program so AndreaMosaic will receive more donations. I also want to know about the artwork created with AndreaMosaic to see what you can do with the program. Your work is the best advertising anyone could hope for.

  • Why do you have a Bonus Pack / Professional version?
    Distributing AndreaMosaic free to everyone costs nothing, but the development of new features is an expensive, very time consuming task. I need the help from those who can afford to help. Your support pays the development of new functionalities available to everyone. This special version is a gift to those who support AndreaMosaic with a consistent donation and it includes features necessary only in a few cases, e.g. printing at a size greater than 200 Megapixels or with more than 30,000 tiles. People using this product in such a capacity are more likely to generate some kind of revenue with AndreaMosaic’s help and so will be more likely to share the wealth to help support future development and maintenance of AndreaMosaic. Note that a common digital camera has less than 30 Megapixels and with the standard version of AndreaMosaic you can create Mosaics up to 200 megapixels, enough for a big print.

  • What do I get with the Bonus Pack / Professional version?
    The Professional version has a few extra features that are not needed by the typical end-user. Check out the Donation Page for more details.

  • How do I get the Bonus Pack / Professional version?
    Follow the instructions in the Donation Page. Using Paypal / Credit Card you will get immediately an E-mail with the Bonus Pack / Professioanl version to download.

  • How many images do I need to make a good mosaic?
    Using very few images makes for less interesting mosaics but still works well. I rely on a collection of 20,000 nature photos. But even if you don't have that many images you can still maintain great quality by raising the number of tiles and activating the Tile Variations. You may raise also the Color Change value. I also recommend the AndreaMosaic Square version because it supports more variations.

  • Where can I get more images?
    Buy a small digital camera and shoot a lot! So you will have your own images. If you have a video camera then you can use AndreaMosaic to extract many frames from it. Minimally, you can simply visit sites that offer many images. flickr.com is one example that allows you to search for images that are usable commercially.

Peace & Love.

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