In simple English
AndreaMosaic is creditware, in other words it is completely free for personal or commerical use, but you must help me making AndreaMosaic more popular:

  • Every mosaic you publish/show must include a reference to AndreaMosaic.
    On a web page add a link to AndreaMosaic home page. When printed add a note about AndreaMosaic together with the print. In other words who will see the mosaic (or a derivative work of it) must know and see that you used AndreaMosaic.
    Like when you publish a photograph and you give the credit to the Photographer. Like if you publish a painting and you give the credit to yourself as the author but also to the whoever gave you a free paintbrush & colours (AndreaMosaic).

  • If you publish a particular mosaic to a large audience then you should inform me about it, because I want to add your work to the list of Artworks created with AndreaMosaic.

  • Please support this program with a donation, you will receive several benefits (especially in the future)! If you use AndreaMosaic commercially (i.e. you get any profit with it), then you really should support it, proportionally to the value the program is giving you.

In Legalese
The full software license is available here.

AndreaMosaic contain components developed by other authors and they are distributed under different licenses. A great thank you to all those authors for allowing the use inside this software. The complete list of components is available here.

Development Tools
A great thank you to all the authors of these great open source development tools:

Credits Description
Open source JPEG Library (Wikipedia).
Open source Unicode Library (Wikipedia).
Open source catalogs Library. (Wikipedia).
Open source C++ Library (Wikipedia).
Open source cross-platform gettext catalogs editor (Wikipedia).
Open source Windows Emulator for Unix/Linux like machines (Wikipedia).
Open source version control system (Wikipedia).
Open source TIFF Library (Wikipedia).
Open source BigTIFF Library.
Open source version control system (Wikipedia).
Open source ZLIB Compression Library (Wikipedia).
Open source Compatibility Layer for Mac OS X and Linux (Wikipedia).
Open source Compatibility Layer for Mac OS X.


Peace & Love.

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