Are you enjoying AndreaMosaic? I hope yes! Do you know why this program is here free for you? Because creating free programs is a philosophy, because donating AndreaMosaic to the world makes everyone happier. So, do it yourself too, share this philosophy and donate something to AndreaMosaic and make the world happier!

Why make a donation?

  • You will help me continue the development and improvement of AndreaMosaic.
  • You will receive all the possible help in creating stunning photographic mosaics.
  • You will choose the features that will be developed next because your donation supports the development.
  • You will receive the Bonus Pack which contains additional Mosaic Patterns!
  • If you donate at least $35 USD or € 25 EURO you will receive an extra gift: the AndreaMosaic Professional version and any future upgrades! With this version you can create mosaics up to a size of 100 Gigapixels!

How can you donate?

  • Money: Donate at least $2 or €2 using PayPal, a worldwide service for online payments. Troubles choosing the donation amount? Then try to donate two hours of your salary. It took many more hours for me to create and update this program. Just click on the buttons below and follow the instructions. Using PayPal you will get immediately an email with the Bonus Pack or the Professional version else within 24h/48h.
  • Wish List: Buy something on my Amazon Wish List below. Or buy a Gift card to be sent via Email. Remember to send me an email about your gift because Amazon doesn't do it!
  • Work: Your valuable work: making translations of AndreaMosaic in your own language, testing new versions, giving suggestions.
  • Gift: Send some cookies or any kind of gift you like, even a postcard. Contact me at to receive my post address.
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What happens after the donation?

  • If you use PayPal / Credit Card then you will receive within few minutes an email with the receipt and a link to download the Bonus Pack or the Professional version. If you do not receive those emails then please check your SPAM folder and/or write me about this issue.
  • If you use Amazon then please write me about your Gift so that I can send you the download link.

You didn't received the email?

  • Emails are always sent to your PayPal address! Please double check your SPAM folder and open a Support Ticket.

Peace & Love.

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